Garden Inspiration


Container Design & Maintenance

Brilliantly designed containers can grace your property year round for that seasonal pop of texture and color. 


Garden Installation

Top notch plants will be provided to fulfill a design plan provided from in-house, or from another designer. Soil improvements will be made to insure an enduring beautiful garden.


Garden Maintenance

Let Chippers do your spring cleanup, summer maintenance and fall preparation for winter. Weeding, pruning, deadheading, plant removal and replacements, edging, mulching, organic compost and fertilizer applications, pest mitigation and garden irrigation. We also  rototill, plant and weed vegetable gardens. 


Garden Restoration and Redesign

Older gardens can be improved by removing plants that do not perform and replaced with different or fresher specimens. Gardens can be made smaller or larger, garden styles and uses can be reappointed.    


With our long New England winters, we can all benefit from bringing the outdoors in. Plants are a simple way to enrich the quality and appeal of a home or business, year round. Let us create your interiorscape and provide a professional staff for all your maintenance needs.


Special Garden Event Planning and Preparation

Weddings, parties, gatherings, garden tours given outside can cause great stress. We can provide an amazing outdoor and indoor garden ambiance for your event.


Holiday Decorating

Have your home ready when you arrive for the holidays. We locate, deliver and install: greens, swags, wreaths, lighting, trees, and containers, all gloriously appointed. 


Garden Accoutrement

We can help you decide on objects of art, furniture, statuary, pottery, water elements and other decorative items for your garden. We can locate, deliver and install what you want. 


Garden Analysis

A short professional visit to your property to help identify plants, discuss troubling garden issues, and gardening methods of concern. 


Seasonal Plantings and Property Care

Have that "I've been gardening all summer long"  appeal. For second home owners who want color and beauty in the surrounding outdoor living spaces for the specific time that they are visiting. 


Speakers for Garden Clubs

We offer our knowledgeable consultants to speak on green care related subjects for your club or other group meetings. Our topics range from everything to do with tree and turf health to landscape related subjects such as planting to attract birds and beneficial insects.


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