Lawn Care: Turf & Soil

Chippers Essential Turf Care Program utilizes the best in organic, natural and traditional products. With over three decades of professional experience, our advanced product choices and expert field personnel, we are proud to be certified by the NH Department of Pesticide Control to treat lawns, ornamentals and trees in the NH Lakes Region watershed. Our precise use of organic and traditional products around these vital water resources extends to each and every client's landscape, exemplifying our commitment to the environment while providing our clients with results they expect.


Compost Tea  organic

Most turf problems are directly related to poor soil health. Compost tea adds organic matter such as sea kelp plus microorganisms, improving both the soil and turf's root system. A healthier root system is better able to withstand drought, insect and disease pressure and recover faster when these stresses are present. Our compost tea is alive, a probiotic for your lawn, is a great way to revitalize the soil beneath your lawn. Soil testing for pH, organic and micro-nutrients are recommended for lawns with chronic issues.

Core Aeration, Overseeding, Lawn Repairs & Renovations  natural

Improve air circulation, reduce compaction, and thicken your existing lawn by having it aerated and overseeded with our custom blend of grass seed for your location. Topdress your lawn in the spring or fall to improve organic matter and create a seed bed for thicker, healthier turf.


Disease Control   organic or traditional

Effectively targeting damaging lawn diseases such as leaf spot, summer patch and red thread either before they occur or during an infestation can save your lawn. Our dual action organic fungicide stops existing fungi activity within hours while triggering the natural defenses of turf. Our organic disease control in USDA organic compliant.


Fertilizer  organic, natural or traditional

Enrich your turf's density, health, and color with a choice of systemic fertilizers, ranging from organic, to natural or traditional products. Most lawns require a minimum of 3lbs of Nitrogen per year for superior greening and health. All our fertilizers are slow release, zero phosphate for safe use around our waterways.


Lime  organic

A premium, high calcium-coated pelletized lime treatment applied to soften soil, enhance seed germination, improve soil structure, boost color, increase resistance to drought/disease/insects, and raise pH levels.


Pest Control  organic, natural or traditional

The most advanced organic and traditional products for comprehensive control of many insects and pests including ticks, grubs, moles, snails, slugs and chinch bugs. USDA Natural Organic Program (NOP) complaint product.


Seaweed  organic

Boost your soil’s health with a 100% organic liquid treatment enriched with seaweed. Healthy soil promotes a healthier root system that helps your lawn withstand drought, insect and disease pressure.


Weed & Moss Control organic, natural or traditional

Safely and effectively reduce dandelions, clover, violets, ground ivy, crabgrass, moss and many more broadleaf and annual grassy weeds in your landscape.

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