Consulting Foresters assist private landowners in identifying and achieving goals for their woodlands such as managing forest products, wildlife habitat, recreation, water resources, and aesthetics.  Members of the Vermont Woodlands Association adhere to educational, work experience and continuing education standards that set them apart from other practitioners.

Services provided by Consulting Foresters are wide and varied and include forest resource planning, forest product harvest marking and administration, preparing and negotiating contracts, forest appraisals, forest inventory, and assisting in tax treatments of woodlands to name a few. Some Consulting Foresters specialize in a particular area such as Christmas tree production or sugar bush management.

Developing a long term relationship with a qualified Consulting Forester is one of the best ways to play a role in the sustainable and productive stewardship of your land. Good management translates into a better return on your investment over time and the achievement of your land management goals.