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How much does Tree, Lawn and Garden Care cost?

Clients will often call our office to ask our staff this question, and we understand cost is a deciding factor for many consumer services. We like to be as honest and direct as possible in all our communications, however in this case the answer really is ‘it depends’.

Tree Care Costs

There are many factors that impact the cost of tree care no matter who you decide to hire. Here are a few of the most important considerations:

  • Service being provided: pruning (what you may call trimming), removals, cabling, stump grinding, Plant Health Care, planting, etc.
  • Tree species
  • Size of the tree, both in height and diameter
  • Condition and previous care of the tree  (e.g. trees that have never been pruned will cost more initially)
  • Number of trees
  • Potential hazards (e.g. power lines)
  • Cleanup and/or debris disposal
  • How easily equipment can access the tree and whether specialty equipment is needed
  • The weather
  • Emergency work (after a storm or after hours)
  • Drive time to your location

A Chippers ISA Certified Arborist will meet with you at your property for an on-site complimentary evaluation to review your concerns and goals for your trees or land. He or she will consider all of the factors above to arrive at the cost of your tree care that includes the value of our safe, reliable, insured, well-trained and professional staff.

If you are comparing the cost of several providers be sure you have an apples to apples comparison, meaning the itemized service costs are the same. We’ve had clients hire the seemingly lower cost provider only to discover cleanup and debris removal was not included.

Also, the cost to hire insured and accredited companies (like Chippers) who provide advanced training and safe work practices is higher because we are assuming the risk for our performance, not pushing it onto our clients. Providers with insurance coverage release you from any liability for damages to people or property.

Beware: Sometimes unscrupulous providers with very low prices will falsify their insurance coverage documents to gain the contract. Therefore, ask for a copy of the company’s Certificate of Insurance with your name and address as the ‘Named Insured”. We are more than happy to provide this documentation for you.

Stump Grinding

This is estimated by the diameter of the tree stump in inches. Dependent upon the species and location of the stump, prices vary from $8-$12/inch. 

We generally grind to about 4” below grade and the tailings are raked back into the hole. There is an additional cost for the cleanup and removal of debris, and adding topsoil, grass seed or mulch hay.

Plant Health Care

Since plant health care services are very specific to the needs of the tree, we cannot provide estimates for plant health care online. However, we would be happy to provide an estimate after an in-person evaluation.

Shrubs and Ornamentals

We also prune, remove, and care for shrubs and ornamentals. Providing an estimate on these plants is difficult online due to the many variables and will only be given after an in-person evaluation.

Land Enhancement & Planting Projects

These services are customized individually for clients by our experienced staff and online estimates are not possible.

Lawn Care Costs

Since lawn pricing is determined by size, location, landscape complexity, and proximity to surface water(s) a site visit is required to provide both accurate pricing and an appropriate treatment plan based on the aforementioned information. 

There are three things we need to know before crafting your lawn care program. The first and most important factor is understanding your concerns and priorities. Secondly, what are the known problems with your lawn and finally, what are your product preferences. Products are traditional, organic, or a hybrid combination of the two. 

Additionally, we offer many services not offered by most lawn care services and these unique treatments often need to be explained to better illustrate their importance.

We can assess your lawn with our without your presence, whatever is most convenient for you.  We just need to be sure we understand your goals, the current issues and your product preferences. If submitting a request for a lawn quote online, be sure to include your communication preference such as email, phone or mail. 

Garden Care Costs

Gardens may be the most difficult of all green care services to price, as the scope and plant varieties are almost endless. To provide an estimate, our Garden Division Manager needs to meet with you to discuss your hopes and dreams for your garden(s) as well as your budgets!

See Our Process and Our Credentials.

Please email for more information about any of the content provided on this page. 

Click here for a PDF of all our Green Care Services

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