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Chippers’ Sweet Side

Chippers has expanded our green care services to include producing organic maple syrup that we sell in bulk to the wholesale market. Sap is collected from nearby sugarbushes that we install and maintain on our clients’ properties. We are currently expanding and always in search for the next potential sugarbush. Chippers is passionate about working with our clients to ensure they are using and enjoying their property to its highest potential while being good stewards of the land.

Our maple crew is busy in the woods getting ready for a busy sugaring season, so check back soon for more information on establishing a sustainable sugaring system on your property.

Please email for more information on our sugaring services.

Click here for a PDF of all of our Green Care Services.


Your Chippers

Gabe Kellman
Assistant District Manager & Sales Consultant Enfield Office

ISA Certified Arborist

ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

NHAA Certified Arborist

BS in Forest Ecosystem Science


Meet Gabe Kellman, Assistant District Manager & Sales Consultant Enfield Office

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