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Closeup of the center and partial petals of a deep yellow sunflower.

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Your Life Outside

Let There Be Lights!

Chippers is proud to once again help Woodstock usher in the holiday season by hanging lights in the center of…

Leaves And Pine Needles

Fall’s fallen leaves and pine needles can present a challenge to your lawn and can be easily overlooked as most…

Why Work at Chippers?

Great people, great equipment, great outside work environment both indoors and outdoors– that’s just the beginning of the story! Our…

Chinch Bug Lawn Damage

I have been called to review a half dozen lawns just this week and found the homeowners perplexed over expanding…

Why Your Lawn Looks Awful

While there are a wide variety of reasons why your lawn’s appearance is less than spectacular, there are some basic…

Summer Tips

It’s dry, don’t forget to water your trees and shrubs in addition to your lawn.

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