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Chippers continues our commitment to providing the highest quality products for improved peace of mind for you and your family while improving the effectiveness of your program. 

Our goal is to create a healthy lawn while executing properly targeted pest reduction, such as dandelions and white grubs. The benefits to this business model are a beautiful lawn that requires fewer applications – a win-win for the homeowner and the environment. 

Most services we provide are either inherently natural, e.g. aeration, or has an organic/ natural option. There are a few exceptions including grassy weeds and mole control.

Aeration & Overseeding (Natural)

Core aeration reduces compaction thereby improving availability of air, water and nutrients to the grass while enhancing a healthier root system below ground. The key is to extract a good core, so aeration shoes and lightweight machines just won’t work. Overseeding, done in conjunction with aeration, thickens the density of an existing lawn by adding up to four blends of our grass seed specifically selected for your location.

Click here for the Turf Talk PDF on Aeration & Overseeding.

Compost Tea (Organic)

Most turf problems are directly related to poor soil health containing low amounts of organic matter and minerals such as those found in a new lawn or sandy soil. Compost tea adds organic matter such as sea kelp, molasses, plus microorganisms, improving both the soil quality and turf’s root system. A healthier root system enables your lawn to better withstand drought, insect and disease pressure and recover faster when these stresses are present. We have several types of tea available, one compost tea is alive…essentially a probiotic for your lawn, is a great way to revitalize the soil beneath your lawn. Soil testing for pH, organic and micro-nutrients are recommended for lawns with chronic issues. Read more under the Nourishment tab.

Click here for the Turf Talk PDF on Compost Tea.

Disease Control  (Organic or Natural)

Our organic disease control amplifies your grasses own immune system, thereby reducing potential disease pressure especially during hot or humid weather conditions. Effectively targeting damaging lawn diseases such as leaf spot, summer patch and red thread either before they occur or during an infestation can reduce or minimize lawn damage. Read more under the Weeds & Diseases tab. 

Click here for the Turf Talk PDF on Lawn Diseases.

Fertilizer (Organic or Natural)

Applications of our slow-release, zero phosphate, natural or organic fertilizer are important from spring through late fall as it provides key nutrients and promotes proper new root and shoot growth.  Read more under the Nourishment tab. 

Insect & Other Pests Control (Organic or Natural)

Insect control targets ticks, grubs, chinch bugs and other damaging insects. Read more under the Ticks & Other Pests tab.

Click here for the Turf Talk PDF on Harmful Lawn Pests.  Click here for the Turf Talk PDF on Voles & Moles.

Iron (Natural)

New in 2019,  turbo iron is an energizing patented spray loaded with vitamins, amino acids, and iron for dramatic color enhancement by increasing nutrient uptake leading to an overall heightened color response leading to better health. Read more under the Nourishment tab. 

Lime (Natural)

Our high calcium lime raises soil pH to reduce acidity, improves seed germination, reduces disease resistance, adds vital calcium to the soil, adds iron and humic acid for healthier turf. Read more under the Nourishment tab.

Click here for the Turf Talk PDF on High Calcium Lime.

Moss Control (Organic)

We can treat for moss, however once the moss is gone, the underlying problems must be addressed with lime, aeration and in particular, seeding with the right grass. Read more under the Weeds & Diseases tab. 

Click here for the Turf Talk PDF on Weeds.

Potassium (Natural)

A high potassium-only fertilizer to improve winter hardiness, spring greening and reduce red thread. Read more under the Nourishment tab. 

Click here for the Turf Talk PDF on Potassium.

Seaweed (Organic)

Boost your soil’s health with a 100% organic liquid treatment enriched with seaweed and assorted vitamins. Healthy soil promotes a healthier root system that helps your lawn withstand drought, insect and disease pressure. Read more under the Nourishment tab. 

Stress Reduction (Natural)

New in 2019: Ideal for lawns prone to stress as a direct result of summer drought, cold temperatures, or winter salt use. A patented spray specifically designed with amino acids for increased color and improved energy production. Anti-stress compounds increase your lawn’s hardiness and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. Read more under the Nourishment tab. 

Watershed Services (Organic or Natural)

Our Watershed sprays are gaining in popularity each year with our many clients, not just those who have lawns near lakes, streams, ponds or rivers. Each application contains a specialized blend of organic broadleaf weed control in the spring/fall, crabgrass suppression in the spring, seaweed, the new iron blend, and a fertilizer with potassium. Each state-approved Watershed application actually contains four separate treatments combined into one spray and is a custom service only available from Chippers. Read more under the Nourishment tab. 

Weed Control (Organic or Natural)

A liquid herbicide treatment applied to reduce broadleaf weeds and moss. Read more under the Weeds & Diseases tab. 

Click here for the Turf Talk PDF on Weeds.  

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Click here for a PDF listing of all of our Green Care Services.


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