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Compost Tea (Organic)

Chippers offers two special, patented compost tea sprays designed to target underlying soil issues which are often the largest yet overlooked underlying lawn problem. Compost tea provides a wide host of organic material and microorganisms that will improve sterile or unhealthy soil systems leading to a healthier turf above ground. Compost tea is a liquid spray and can be done any time of the year, even in the rain since the goal is to reach the roots below ground. Compost tea sprays are a signature service offered exclusively by Chippers Turf Division in our service area.

Click here for the Turf Talk PDF on Compost Tea.

Fertilizer (Organic, Natural or Traditional)

Enrich your turf’s density, health, and color with a choice of systemic fertilizers, ranging from organic, to natural or traditional products. Most lawns require a minimum of 3lbs of Nitrogen per year for superior greening and health. All our fertilizers are slow release, zero phosphate for safe use around our waterways.

Iron (Natural)

While iron is offered in lower amounts in our high calcium lime at no additional cost, a higher dose is available up to three times a year for added turf performance blended with patented amino acids and vitamins. Turf appreciates iron as a component for healthy growth and metabolism, adding a vivid, deep green color to your lawn. Iron is applied in a spray and is ideal as a touch up before a party, function, or graduation where you want a boost in your lawn’s growth and color. Iron can be applied in the rain since it is absorbed through roots and leaf blades.

Lime (Organic)

A premium, high calcium-coated pelletized lime treatment applied to soften soil, enhance seed germination, improve soil structure, boost color, increase resistance to drought/disease/insects, and raise pH levels.

Click here for the Turf Talk PDF on Lime.

Potassium (Natural)

Potassium is a key component found in most fertilizers and is the last number in an analysis such as 20-0-5 where the 5 indicates 5% potassium. While all of Chippers fertilizers contain lower amounts of potassium as part of your lawn care health package, most soils are so low in potassium that a higher, one-time dose is often recommended or required based on soil test results (which we offer). Potassium can be applied in a liquid form any time of the year or a granular formulation in the fall. It adds hardiness to your lawn by thickening the cell walls and is an essential component to healthy metabolism.

Click here for the Turf Talk PDF on Potassium.

Seaweed (Organic)

Boost your soil’s health with a 100% organic liquid treatment enriched with seaweed. Healthy soil promotes a healthier root system that helps your lawn withstand drought, insect and disease pressure.

Stress Reduction (Natural)

Ideal for lawns prone to stress as a direct result of summer drought, cold temperatures, or winter salt use, this patented spray specifically increases color and improves energy production for a healthier lawn. Added anti-stress compounds increase your lawn’s hardiness and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions such as summer drought or winter cold. A stress reduction spray can be done up to four times per season and is only available in a liquid spray formulation. Stress reduction is another signature service only offered by Chippers Turf Division in our market area.

Watershed Services (Organic, Natural or Traditional)

Chippers’ watershed service is a unique combination of what is normally four separate treatments combined into one to address lawn problems and improve turf health in and around waterways. Although these sprays vary in content according to the time of year, the primary objective is to use materials that are approved annually by four NH state agencies governing lawn treatments around sensitive waterways, specifically around Lake Sunapee in our case. Chippers is the only green care company authorized to treat both lawns and ornamentals in and around Lake Sunapee, a public water supply. We have found this special spray is also popular to those not living adjacent to surface water found in our lakes, ponds, and streams due to the content we use to keep grass healthy.

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