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Drawing of a butterfly.

Affiliations and Sources

We are proud to be associated with the following organizations and to be actively involved in efforts to preserve and improve the health and beauty of our environment. We are also committed to supporting the highest professional arboricultural, horticultural, turf & plant health care management, and sugarbush management standards in support of educating current and future arborists, turf & plant health care specialists, horticulturists, land care experts, and maple sugar makers.

American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA)
Better Business Bureau of New Hampshire (BBB)
Business Networking International (BNI)
Hanover Conservation Council
Hanover, NewHampshire Area Chamber of Commerce
International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)
Local First Alliance
Meredith, New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce
New Hampshire Arborists Association
New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food
New Hampshire Division of Forests and Land
Society of American Foresters (SAF)
Sustainable Woodstock
Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)
Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR)
Vermont Woodlands Association (VWA)
Woodstock, Vermont Chamber of Commerce

Bibliography of Our Favorite Tree & Landscape Sources

  1. The Audubon Society Guide to Attracting Birds by Stephen Kress, 2006
  2. Between Earth and Sky: Our Intimate Connections to Trees by Nalini M. Nadkarni, 2009
  3. A Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs: Northeastern and north-central United States and southeastern and south-central Canada (The Peterson Field Guide Series), 1973
  4. Forever Green: The Dartmouth College Campus, An Arboretum of Northern Trees, by Mollie K Hughes, 2000.
  5. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, 1964
  6. Greenscapes: Environmentally Beneficial Landscaping, online education site published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  7. Identifying Trees: An All-Season Guide to Eastern North America by Michael D. Williams, 2007
  8. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, 1971
  9. Landscape Plants for Vermont (University of Vermont Extension) by Norman E. Pellet, January 2002
  10. The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono, 2007
  11. Manual of Woody Landscape Plants: Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propagation and Uses by Michael A. Dirr, 1998
  12. The Meaning of Trees: Botany, History, Healing, Lore by Fred Hageneder, 2005
  13. National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees: Eastern Region, by the National Audubon Society, 1980
  14. The Nature Conservancy in Vermont, provides up-to-date online information about invasive species
  15. A Natural History of North American Trees by Donald Culross Peattie, 2007
  16. North Carolina State University, online information about turf diseases, much of it appropriate for our geographic area as well
  17. Northern Trees Selection Guide, online service provided by the U.S. Forest Service & Department of Agriculture
  18. Remarkable Trees of the World by Thomas Pakenham, 2003
  19. The Tree: A Natural History of What Trees Are, How They Live, and Why They Matter by Colin Tudge, 2007
  20. Trees Are Good, online consumer education site published by the International Society of Arboriculture.
  21. Trees: A Visual Guide by Tony Rodd and Jennifer Stackhouse, 2008
  22. The Trees In My Forest, Bernd Heinrich, 1997
Drawing of crab apple blossoms.