Removals, Pruning, and Cabling

General Tree Removal

Preserving your trees is our first priority - but sometimes removal is simply the only option. Poor health, inappropriate location, and unacceptable risk are common reasons for resorting to removal. Some jobs are routine, and others require highly technical skills for maneuvering around buildings or utility lines. Our arborists are trained to evaluate and execute both the simple and the most complex removal projects.

Professionally trained crews and specialized equipment (crane, hand climbing, or bucket truck) safely remove very large trees in any location to minimize the risks to your property.

Hazardous Tree Removal

If you find a threatening tree requiring immediate removal we have crews available 24/7 and the proper equipment to safely remedy the urgent need. 

We recommend that you schedule an appointment with one of our ISA Certified Arborists to evaluate the safety of your landscape, but click here to download a pdf to help you with the initial identification process of hazards on your property.


Storm Damage Assistance

When storms approach our crews remain on call for your convenience, and we are available to assist you with all tree-related emergencies. Call 802.742.6564 in VT or NH and we will respond with the help that you need.

Stump Grinding

Eliminate any size stump with our tow behind or self-propelled stump grinder, leaving an area for you to plant a new tree, shrub, garden or lawn. 

Structural Tree Pruning

Pruning large shade trees requires the arborist to account for the tree species habit of growth and strength of wood, and the tree's exposure, condition, and leader and branch attachments. By removal of dead, diseased or weak limbs, weight reduction or thinning (when necessary), and considering the shape of the tree in its permanent location, our arborists can extend the life of your trees, making them safer and more beautiful.

We recommend hiring an ISA Certified Arborist for all pruning on your property that requires climbing, ladders or lifts, but click here to learn about basic proper pruning techniques for small, ‘standing-on-the-ground’ jobs you can do yourself.


Aesthetic Ornamental Tree Pruning

Our ISA Certified Arborists prune to improve the health, safety and beauty of your trees or shrubs. Working with the ornamental's habit of growth, timing of bloom and overall condition, the trained arborist will prune to restore the plant's intended aesthetic.


Orchard Pruning

Generally speaking, fruit trees need to be pruned for air circulation and light, height to maintain fruit access, and health, by removing dead and diseased limbs. Understanding the fruit species or cultivar helps the arborist work within realistic expectations.


Tree Cabling & Bracing

Many trees, large and small, have poor branch attachments and may need additional support. Proper installation of cables are hidden high in the crown of the tree for maximum leverage. Bracing with threaded rod is required with less frequency but can add permanent strength to an ineffective branch union.


Please email for more information about any of the services listed on this page.

Click here for a pdf listing of all of our Green Care Services.