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Mr Grass

You may be familiar with Chippers blogger Mr Grass, providing timely lawn information since 2010. But who is Mr Grass? How does he know so much about lawns? Is he qualified to be an authority on lawn care?  So here is Mr Grass’s background and philosophy for providing the best lawn care possible for our clients.


Theron Peck, aka Mr Grass, is the Chippers’ Turf Division Manager having created our Turf Division in 2008. He is the driving force behind Chippers’ commitment to providing the highest quality lawncare products for improved peace of mind for you, your family and our environment while consistently upgrading the effectiveness of our program.

Theron unknowingly began his career as a mere hobby gardener while at Lebanon High School. He then earned a degree in Plant Science at the University of NH where he worked at one of the University’s farms full-time for four summers. In addition to 33 years of experience in the turf industry, he is licensed in VT/NH for Turf, Ornamental and Fruit Trees and is an ISA Certified Arborist. As an expert in turf management, his mission is to offer the best possible products available to achieve the results our clients’ desire.

Essential Turf Care Program

The Essential Turf Care (ETC) program was launched with hand-picked products and a results-oriented philosophy. Since 2008, the ETC program has experienced consistent growth that is attributed directly to our unique range of products, predicable results, quality employee training and unmatched customer service. After all, how many lawn care companies do you know where your call is answered by a live person and your Sales Representative responds most often on the same day!

On-going research for new and improved products provides you with custom lawn programs ranging from organic, natural, hybrid to traditional packages. A signature attribute of our lawn program includes a special permit from the NH Division of Pesticide Control allowing lawn treatments in the Lake Sunapee watershed, further proof of our environmental stewardship around sensitive bodies of water or the stream in your back yard.

We treat each and every customer with personalized service, not a cookie cutter approach. Theron reviews and inspects each of his customer’s lawn for current issues and recommends a plan that may range from a single service to a multi-step program. Theron’s approach to problem solving is simple: “ask the customer what the issues are, find out their product preferences (organic to traditional), and then craft a program within a given budget to reach the desired objectives”.  While there are many options for homeowners and commercial clients, most find the combination of our relationship and ongoing commitment to excellence as the primary reasons they stay with us year after year. 

Mr Grass Blog

Since education is such a big part of understanding what professionally licensed lawn care companies do (and can’t do), the sometimes unkind role of Mother Nature, and what you can do to better care for your lawn, Theron started writing a blog as Mr Grass in 2010. We are all proud of the ever growing content, his timeliness in relaying important information during the actual growing season and of course the growing count of loyal readers. He is forever known as Mr Grass.

Mr Grass sums it up by stating “I take my responsibility for your satisfaction very seriously and have been in the industry as long as I have because I do love my job and making folks happy”.

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