Chippers in Action

Video - Maple Tree Removal

Caution: If you have acrophobia (fear of heights) do not watch this video! This video shows how a very tall maple tree is carefully climbed to remove the top branches, bringing them down in stages. This assures a safe removal for our crew, both in the tree and on the ground, while minimizing damage to the surrounding trees and property.

Video - Land Enhancement

This video shows a team of Chippers chipping branches on a hillside they have just enhanced. Other Chippers’ videos present the proper way to stack wood. A well stacked cord of wood is a beautiful sight and worth doing correctly. Stack like a Chipper so your stack of word not only looks great, but will never fall over.

Photos - Tree Care, Lawn Care and Landscaping and more . . .

View Chippers' in action using a variety of equipment, which in some cases has been customized to provide superior tree and lawn care. Our employees are dedicated to delivering the best in tree preservation, land enhancement, and forestry as well as lawn and garden care.