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Closeup of the center and partial petals of a deep yellow sunflower.

A Wet, Cold Spring is Damaging Lawns

Due to the ongoing wet, cold weather and late snow melt, lawns, especially those seeded last year, are experiencing serious damage from pink snow mold and winter kill. Affected lawn areas are almost completely matted and appear wet, pink, and or tan/white. Standing water, rain and current low temperatures are flaming the issue. I have seen dozens upon dozens of damaged lawns that would have already recovered with a warmer, dryer spring.
Even mature lawns are not greening up as fast, with more tender turf varieties still exhibiting brown/white patchy winter damage with dead leaves. This is often visible in patches of white/lighter green surrounded by darker more vibrant turf. New green growth is slow to show.
Recommendations & Outlook
Lightly rake the areas that are matted. If lawn is dry enough, cut short to 1.75” to allow the soil to warm faster. A fungicide spray may be warranted to arrest the disease or even a spring aeration with overseeding to make repairs. With the forecast of continued raw, cold, and wet weather for at least another two weeks, permanent thinning and or dead spots are very real possibilities. In that case, a fall aeration with overseeding or a lawn repair will most likely be necessary