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Plan For The Approaching Ash Borer…

Unfortunately, another exotic and destructive insect threatens our native trees. More specifically, the emerald ash borer (EAB) threatens our native ash species along with the frequently planted green ash. History suggests that this pest may threaten for years, never actually making it here, such as the hemlock wooly adelgid. However, the rate at which this insect has been moving and the destruction left in its path, I’m getting prepared!

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Chippers’ client in Concord, NH, spring of 2015.

This insect has destroyed thousands of ash trees in the midwest, and is currently moving across New York state. If it continues the march east at the current rate of speed, I expect its arrival within the next several years. What are we to do?

For those of you with ash trees, you will need to make some decisions. Simply being aware of the potential is a good start. Some folks are preemptive about their ash trees and are having them removed. This is prudent for trees that are already in a state of poor health or condition, and may have been on the radar for removal someday. Perhaps a garden is planned and extra sunlight is desired.

For those of you with ash trees that contribute significantly to the landscape and the value of your property, a treatment program may be a viable option to prevent the effects of the emerald ash borer. Two systemic insecticide products are approved for EAB and do not require whole tree spraying. My hope is that after the EAB population peaks in our area, the protected ash may one day be able to survive again untreated.
This is a good site for additional EAB identification resources:
For more information contact Cal Felicetti, ASCA Member Consulting Arborist:


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