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Closeup of the center and partial petals of a deep yellow sunflower.
Birch trees

Summer Tips

Summer garden

Summer Garden

  • It’s dry, don’t forget to water your trees and shrubs in addition to your lawn.
  • Plan a preventative treatment for valuable ash trees against Emerald  Ash Borer.
  • Treat for grubs (Japanese beetles) and chinch bugs.
  • Mow lawn 3″ high, avoid mowing when it is above 90°, and leave clippings.
  • Consider lightning protection for valuable trees.
  • Cable and brace trees to minimize storm damage.
  • Schedule hedge trimming.
  • Fertilize your containers and garden beds.
  • Look for chinch bugs and cut worms in a brown lawn.
  • Add compost or mulch to gardens to retain moisture.
  • Keep up with garden weeding.
  • Cut back Japanese knotweed and plan for a fall eradication program.
  • Add mulch rings to trees to improve soil conditions and prevent trimmer damage.

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