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Tick Suppression by your lawn company

While most people are generally aware that their lawn care company can address turf problems, many are not aware of tick suppression.  Tick suppression can be a valuable service, especially for homes surrounded by fields and woods.  Spring begins the tick season in NH and VT as the adults become active and seek a blood meal to reproduce.
Ticks seek wild animals, pets, or your family members as they move out of winter hibernation.  Unfortunately, most ticks are so small they are virtually impossible to see or avoid until you find them on your clothing.  Nothing is more unsettling then finding ticks on your pets or children.  Although the common dog tick does not transmit Lyme disease, the common Deer tick does carry this dangerous disease.
Most tick control products function well for 2-5 weeks ranging from organic to traditional materials.  In fact, many new products are used in pet supplies and products found at your local pet store.  The key to safety is using a responsible, experienced, and licensed lawn care company.  You must have a license in NH or VT to treat for ticks, even if you use an organic product!  Ticks are noxious pests and the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is certainly worth heeding to avoid the painful condition brought about by Lyme disease.
While you may see a typical dog tick, you are not likely to see a Deer tick, a primary vector of Lyme disease.  Therefore, treating your lawn around the house during the growing season is a sound decision.  A tick treatment can be liquid or granular and should be applied to the perimeter of fields, woods, and your lawn to reduce the existing tick population.  Reducing ticks in the spring is a sensible solution toward maintaining a safe outdoor living space.