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Closeup of the center and partial petals of a deep yellow sunflower.

Big green care news for Lake Sunapee

Our quality of life is directly enhanced by shades of green in lawns, tree and shrubs, and by the vibrant blues reflected in our lakes and rivers.  Waterways are vital resources which are protected in many ways by strict federal and state laws, as they are in New Hampshire.  Our lakes and ponds are often surrounded by homes and landscapes where usage of products in and around these homes that can threaten the health of our waterways.  It’s important to strike a balance between protecting, enhancing and enjoying our property with protecting our environment.
Lake Sunapee in NH is an example of a clean lake used as a water supply and is home to many year round and summer residents who enjoy boating, swimming, or simply taking in the views.  Given the proximity of the lake to hundreds of homes, landscapes have sprung up to add color and privacy between houses.  While the colors and textures of lawns, flowers and shrubs are delightful, the diseases, ticks, weeds, and other noxious pests are not!  In fact, landscapes worth thousands of dollars or more are continually damaged, losing their intended value and use.  After all, who travels hours to stay a weekend or longer only to sit lakeside to view crabgrass, weeds, or ticks crawling in the mulch?  Not a “feel good” experience to say the least.
This brings me to the good news about caring for and improving the lawns and landscapes of lakeside homes around Lake Sunapee NH.  Chippers is now the only legally authorized green care company to treat for ornamental, tree, and lawn issues in and around the Lake Sunapee as it pertains to EPA approved pesticides (many are organic but stilled registered by the EPA).  While we have been able to use other products in the past, our newly obtained permit authorizes us to treat much closer to the water, utilizing techniques and new products which are in high demand around Lake Sunapee as it relates to ornamental, tree, and turf pests. We are very proud of this permit issued by the NH Department of Agriculture and other departments as it is a direct reflection of Chippers advanced product choices and field expertise.
Lake Sunapee NH An important fact: any company or person treating for lawn, tree, or ornamental pests in or around Lake Sunapee must be licensed at the appropriate level and cannot treat within 250ft of the lake itself without a special permit, essentially excluding many lakeside homes.  Even homeowners who don’t require a license at their own residence must adhere to the 250ft distance. Chippers is now able to operate within that 250ft restricted area.
Our precise use of organic and traditional products around this vital water resource extends to each and every client’s landscape, exemplifying our commitment to the environment while providing new and existing clients with the results they expect.
For more information just call or email anytime.