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Closeup of the center and partial petals of a deep yellow sunflower.

Lawn Care Companies Can Target Ticks

Now that the month of May has arrived, most everyone in NH and VT can begin seeding projects, treat for broadleaf weeds, and apply a crabgrass barrier if desired.  May is typically a very busy month for most lawn care companies because they are not only implementing these treatments, some are able to treat for ticks.  While most people are usually aware that their lawn care company can treat turf, many are not aware of tick control.  Tick control can be a very valuable service, especially coming out of a mild winter which assists in the survival of adult ticks.  May is the ideal month for tick control because the adults are waking up and crawling out in search of food- animals or you!  While you may see a typical dog tick, you are not likely to see a Deer Tick, a primary vector of Lyme disease.  Therefore, treating your turf around the house and into the perimeter of fields or woods is an excellent means in which to reduce the adult population before they mate and seek out a blood meal.  May is the official tick month and with our mild past winter, this could be a banner year for all kinds of ticks in NH and VT.

Most tick control products can work for 2-5 weeks depending upon the rate and type of material used.  In fact, many new products are used in pet supplies and products found at your local pet store.  The key to safety is using a responsible, licensed lawn care company like mine not just Bob in his pickup truck.  You must have a license in NH or VT to treat for ticks, even if you use an organic product!  If you are targeting a pest, you must have insurance and have the training needed to treat for ticks.  So before you try this yourself, you might want some advice from a professional.  Ticks are nothing to mess around with and they can cause numerous diseases including Lyme disease a painful and expensive condition.

Enjoy the outdoors, but be sure to use an insect repellent to help protect your family and friends.  Better yet, get a quote for tick control!