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Davey Utility Trucks Clearing Lines

What’s the difference between residential tree care and utility work?

Many of our Vermont clients and community members have seen Davey utility line clearance crews along our roads all winter, keeping our local source of power as reliable as possible through a contract with Green Mountain Power. So it’s not surprising when we announced our merger with The Davey Tree Expert Company on March 2, 2021, that some would assume we are expanding into providing utility services. However, this is not the case and this post will explain the differences between residential tree care and utility work.

Chippers joined the Residential/Commercial division of Davey and will be providing exactly the same green care services as we have in the past. This list of services includes Tree Health Inspections; Plant Health Care & Fertilization; Pruning/Trimming; Cabling; Removals; Stump Grinding; Storm Preparation; View Enhancement; Planting & Transplanting; Sustainable Lawn Care; Gardening; Landscaping and Irrigation.

The Davey Utility division includes everything from distribution and transmission right-of-way clearance to utility forestry consulting services and emergency response services. It’s a completely separate set of services provided by highly trained teams with specific credentials for working around power lines.

However, Chippers does have a long-standing partnership with Liberty Utility in New Hampshire for storm recovery and emergency services to help restore power during and after natural disasters. Having pre-established agreements in place before storms hit helps ensure our professionally trained crews are organized and dispatched when everyone needs it most.

Though we have differences in what we do and how we do it, what we in the Residential/Commercial division of Davey have in common with the Utility division of Davey is that we are employee-owners of the same brand striving to provide our clients with the highest quality professional green care services. We hope this post has helped to explain the difference between residential tree care and utility work, contact your Chippers representative for more information.

Spring has sprung, and lots of us are thinking about our gardens, lawns, trees and shrubs. Consider planting for birds and other pollinators as well as for your own enjoyment!

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