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Client FAQ: Answers About Our New Ownership

Many of our clients are asking about our big announcement last week, here are some answers about our new ownership.

Was Chippers sold?

As of Monday, March 1, Chippers joined The Davey Tree Expert Company. Answers to our most frequently asked questions about the merger are below, but please read this blog post for additional detail and personal insight from Mundy Wilson Piper.

How will this change my service?

Simply put, your service will not be impacted. The Chippers name, team and commitment to exceptional quality and support remains the same. The services you have previously scheduled will be completed and pricing will not change.

Will my Chippers team change?

Not at all. You will continue to be served by the same Chippers team members you have come to know. Our sales, scheduling and service teams remain the same and inquiries, proposals and invoicing will be handled as they are now. Our website and contact information will not change.

Who is leading Chippers?

The leadership team, including Jason Easton and Travis Vickerson, remains in place. The only exception is Mundy Wilson Piper, who will continue as a consultant with us for six months. Read more about the next chapter in Mundy’s journey here. We are proud of our 35 years of excellence in arboriculture and other green care services and we are committed to continuing that through a local management team.

Will Chippers continue to be visible in the community?

Yes! We will continue to support our communities through our Plant-A-Seed program, by sponsoring and providing advertising dollars for area arts and events, donating funds and gift certificates to local charitable organizations, and supporting organizations that make our green and growing world more accessible. We love our community and aren’t going anywhere.

What will change?

Your local Chippers experts will now have access to technical support from The Davey Institute, an industry-leading research and diagnostic laboratory. Being part of a nationwide company means that we can now leverage buying power for the services and equipment needed to run efficiently and enhance our client service. While our name, equipment and colors won’t change, you will notice the addition of “a Davey company” to our logo, showing our that local brand is now supported by national resources.

The Chippers team will have the opportunity to participate in employee-ownership and have access to additional training and safety program. Learn more about Chippers realized vision of employee-ownership and the additional benefits and programs available to team members.

Why was Chippers sold?

The short answer is that the timing was right. We feel strongly that this will benefit both our clients and team members. This blog post provides more detail and personal insight from Mundy Wilson Piper.

Why Davey?

Davey has offices across the United States and Canada and is the 9th largest employee-owned company in the USA. They were founded in 1880 and have a reputation for high-quality work and exceptional leadership. Most importantly, Davey shares the values of hard work, excellence and integrity that Chippers was built on. Learn more about Davey.

Let us know if you have other questions or concerns, we are happy to provide answers about our new ownership.