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Closeup of the center and partial petals of a deep yellow sunflower.

Shop for a new lawn service

The holidays are right around the corner and the last thought on your mind might be preparing or even considering your lawn service for next year.  Let’s face it, the growing season is practically finished and your mower may well be stored away with visions of cutting next spring.  Until then, your once green carpet takes a back seat to turkey, skiing, and ice skates versus what kind lawn company to use in 2011.
If you already use a national lawn care chain like Trugreen, you will likely receive several pre-pay letters or contacts beginning in November with possibly a second in December or January.  This proposal will outline your past lawn treatments and duplicate it for the current year with an incentive for pre-paying.  Statistically, most customers will not respond to this letter never mind prepaying for the entire year.  In fact, many will seize this opportunity to return the letter with a note containing the word “cancel”.
For smaller lawn care firms, their accounts are scrupulously reviewed in the late fall where additions, modifications, and recommendations are made before sending out a fresh lawn proposal.  Many companies will also reward their customer’s for prepaying and for choosing multiple services like a Plant Health Care program for the tree and shrubs in the landscape in conjunction with the turf program.  Chipper’s has offered these valuable incentives in the past to its client base.  Reviewing the account history for each individual client for the future is of paramount importance as it increases future results through necessary turf program adjustments before sending out any new proposal.  Such actions help insure the highest quality turf program through comprehensive annual review versus a simplistic recycling of treatments year after year.
There is plenty of time to review your turf program over the winter with no need to rush your decision.  Perhaps this is the year to receive a fresh, second opinion from a smaller company where the total dollars spent is relative to actual needs and desired results.  Late fall or early winter is a great time to collect this type of information before the lawn is snow-covered.  While there are plenty of cheeseburger, one size fits all lawn care companies out there, see if you can find one that really tailors the whole package; results, experience, and your budget.