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Closeup of the center and partial petals of a deep yellow sunflower.

A dirty lawn!

A dirty lawn covered with leaves and left uncut entering the winter is at great peril for winter damage.  Besides blocking sunlight in the late fall before snowfall, leaves restrict normal air circulation and the ability of the lawn to dry out.  Even small piles of leaves can mulch or weaken your grass in mere weeks if left uncollected.  Those same piles or heavy leaf cover will freeze and inhibit air circulation under the snow- a recipe for disaster.  A clean lawn is a happy lawn!
Now is not the time to retire your mower in early November, especially if the grass is still over 3 inches in height.  Your lawn has the potential to still grow another inch or more before snowfall and that added length predisposes your turf to snow mold!  Matted, wet turf is an ideal habitat for mice, snow mold, and ice damage.  Do yourself a simple favor this weekend or afternoon, cut your lawn down to 1.5” and help give your grass an edge going into winter.  No one likes a dirty lawn!  Clean up your lawn today and sleep well tonight!