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Closeup of the center and partial petals of a deep yellow sunflower.

Lawn Winterizer application

Generally speaking, a winterizer lawn application is one of the final, if not the last lawn treatment that will go down prior to snow or winter itself.  A winterizer lawn application is usually a blended, balanced fertilizer treatment in October or November here in New England.  The winterizer lawn treatment is designed to be stored as carbohydrates in the root system of your lawn for use next spring.
The idea is not to do anything now in terms of health, growth, or color but to supply some building blocks for next spring.  Increased succulent growth can make your lawn more susceptible to snow mold and winter injury versus a hardened off lawn.  A winterizer treatment can be applied over a seeded lawn or a overseeded lawn so long as there are no weed control products.  There are exceptions to this rule depending upon when the lawn was actually seeded, the age, location, and health.
New and old lawns can receive a winterizer anytime in the late fall before the ground freezes and can be most helpful in aiding turf recovery in the spring after a harsh winter.   Winterizer applications are generally granular due to colder temperatures and the ability of the pellets to be applied over light to moderate leaf cover.  I like to think of a winterizer as “one for the road”, see you next year!